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'O' Yaar Julahe!, Delhi Fashion Buzz..

The Tree Of Life by RAHUL MISHRA at India Couture Week

“Basking in the golden sun, ’The Tree of Life’ is a manifestation of nature’s abundance. At the break of dawn, when the sun shines from the horizon, how every leaf transmutes to gold for a moment. It is that moment and the more vivid ones after that we articulate in this collection. Fields of poppies and a diverse wilderness taking over ancient architecture is rendered intricately in hand embroidered surfaces. ‘The Tree of Life’ renders our gratitude for nature’s wisdom.” – RAHUL MISHRA

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'O' Yaar Julahe!, Delhi Fashion Buzz..


“Earth may be alive: not as the ancients saw her-a sentient Goddess with a purpose and foresight-but alive like a tree. A tree that quietly exists, never moving except to sway in the wind, yet endlessly conversing with the sunlight and the soil. Using sunlight and water and nutrient minerals to grow and change. But all done so imperceptibly, that to me the old oak tree on the green is the same as it was when I was a child.”—James Lovelock

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