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'O' Yaar Julahe!, Delhi Fashion Buzz..

‘The Renaissance Muse’ by Shyamal and Bhumika at the Indian Couture Week

Designer duo Shyamal and Bhumika showcased their couture collection ‘The Renaissance Muse’  at India Couture Week,2019 . As the name suggests, their couture was inspired by the iconic period of renaissance which marks the rebirth of art, architecture, music, couture and theatre from the medieval ages to modernity.  The designer couple used traditional embroidery techniques using unique materials and fine detailing season after season. One gets to see intricate embellishments and surface ornamentations with elaborate beading, silk thread embroidery and floral motifs in gold zardozi thread. Inspired by inlay samples in museums, vintage European paintings, architectural details, mogul florals, renaissance costumes, and most importantly the 15th century opera theatre set, the designers have used the most colourful silk threads in delicate embroideries that adorn lustrous silks while making a slight departure from the traditional fashion.

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'O' Yaar Julahe!, Delhi Fashion Buzz.., Elegance in Style

“I think saree can never go out of fashion! It’s one of the classiest attire.” – Joy Mitra

Six Yards of Magic….by Joy Mitra

Recently I saw a shoot and a fashion show of Joy Mitra which was on Saree. In today’s India, where dresses, Pallazos are taking over the dressing pattern of Indian women, this move was surprising! But each and every design was so beautiful and immaculate that I couldn’t resist doing a story. Another reason for my motivation for this story is that in recent times, I haven’t seen such beautiful handloom sarees with such fine hand embroidery. Sharing with you all my recent tête-à-tête with Joy Mitra.

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