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AIFW Day 2: A Mix of Tradition and Futuristic Designs

Amazon India Fashion Week, day 2 started with historic show of Samant Chauhan. By historic I mean, that he has chosen a place, and got the approvals as well, which is never thought of before. Its a old Railway Museum, with all the old and state of the art coaches and engines used during the era of British colony, and post independence. It was a dual visual treat because Samant had used my favourite form of Muga Silk by Golden Threads of Assam. The fabric Muga Silk was once adorned by Royals of Assam and other parts of India. Now the weavers of this prestigious art is abandoning it due to lack of work and technology. Thanks to Ms.Riniki Bhuyan Sharma of Assam, who is already working for the upliftment of weavers, and FDCI for their sincere efforts to promote it.


Later in the day Patine, Hemant & Nandita, Vineet Bahl, Pankaj & Nidhi, Pero,  Shivan & Naresh showcased the chic and ultraglam designs.

Have a look:

The Golden Threads of Assam by Samant Chauhan:

The Sacred Forest by Anupamaa Dayal:

Hemant & Nandita:


Code by Vineet Bahl:


Honor Presents Pankaj & Nidhi:

Pero by Aneeth Arora: