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Fresh New Look of Creation by Guru Tarun Tahiliani & Shishya Amit Aggarwal at AIFW Grand Finale

Keeping the Guru Shishya Paramapara in continuation, FDCI and Amazon dedicated the Grand Finale to Guru Tarun Tahiliani and Shishya Amit Aggarwal. Amit started his creative journey with Tarun Tahiliani, and learnt the art and imbibed it with his original ideas.  As we learnt while growing up, that a Guru is most pleased to see when his disciple does extremely well in respective field. Same I saw in the eyes and gesture of Tarun Tahiliani, as he gave the beautiful nature inspired ramp to Amit first.

Before the show Tarun Tahiliani shared his views ““It is a pleasure and exciting to be showing at the Amazon India Fashion Week Finale. A culmination of a week of ideas of where Indian fashion will head, the definition of new trends, and what are the ‘Fresh New Looks’ – which is the recurrent theme and a signature campaign by Amazon Fashion. This is also a fusion of ideas as I show alongside one of my old protégés who has morphed into his own master with mastery over his own particular techniques and sculptural fashion. Not a jugalbandhi but derived from the same sources, while the rivers of creativity flowed down different valleys – eventually it all ends in the sea, from the great deep to the great deep it goes. So, how along the way is the transformation back, and this ‘Fresh New Look’ from a fountain that leapt into its own universe”. 

Since the theme was fresh new look, the collection was young, trendy, but keeping the traditional quotient high in terms of fabric and prints.  This season, Amit showcased sustainable couture for the first time ever. The designer had used pre-owned patola sarees and Benaras brocades in his signature style. “This collection draws out rich heritage crafts to blend into our eclectic present,” explains the designer. True to his beliefs, the designer continues his journey of recycling and upcycling through his work.

Have a look:

Amit Aggarwal:

TARUN TAHILIANI: The ready-to-wear line is an extravagant visual tour-de-force. Traditional artistry mixes with nuanced, contemporary silhouettes. Artfully divided into categories, it showcases the TARUN TAHILIANI’s unsurpassed mastery in different forms of workmanship.  have a look: