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Music is Natural to us. We were destined to be together and performing!-THE UNPLUGGED PROJECT

“I’ve gone the full spectrum – from gospel to blues to jazz to soul to pop – and the public has accepted what I’ve done through it all. I think it means I’ve been doing something right at the right time. “- Lou Rawls

I love music-specially the soothing one! Being a North Indian and grown listening to Rafi Sahab, Lata ji, Kishore Kumar, Mukesh, Talat Ajij Sahab, Michael Jackson, Madonna, I have a taste which yearns for good, classy music only. To some extent Jagjit ji filled that void, but in today’s time, singers age seems as old as a Billboard Chart! In such a situation, I happened to meet a trio called Aditya, Manish, and Ash who have started a band called The Unplugged Project.  They have been performing since last 4 years, but their music journey goes way beyond 10 years. Corporate turned musicians and singers, experiment with all kind of music- from Jazz, to Bollywood, to Pink Flloyed . Recently they have launched their online video ‘Faasle’ on youtube  and they are getting rave reviews about it!

Watching their video will make you feel how much fun this trio has while performing. Their latest original song Faasle, is fun, melodious, experimentative yet it connect you their feelings! Here is the excerpts of the conversation we had recently:

F&SBuzz: Tell us about your musical Journey?

Aditya: So, this all started about 4 years ago, but our friendship goes way beyond. Like me and Manish are friends since last 10 years, Ash and me are friends since last 20 years. Initially, We all were pursuing our different avenues-like Manish took a corporate job then he left and started playing with Ayushman Khurana, myself was associated with many groups -I was singing with Antariksh, I was singing with Bandish; Ash was playing with Euphoria. So we all had different – 2 avenues, solo acts…..

F&SBuzz: So , you all were pursuing your corporate career simultaneously?

Manish: I was. Infact, I started pursuing music post my corporate job. I was working with FM and later on TV. And I used to play at corporate parties, and used to be appreciated. Then I thought if I pursue my passion, then things could be different. Atleast, I should give a try! So I talked to my wife, Devna, and told her that ,Look! I want to experiment for few years, I don’t mind being at home dad, while you continue your work- will you mind? She had been very supportive and my last employer as well- who said whenever you wamt to come back, you are most welcome. So I started at Karaoke at a restaurant in 2008, then it was a new concept, and it was going good. One day Aditya enters and asks me to sing over Karaoke . Aditya was there for 10 minutes, and in those 10 minutes, I realised that he is something different! If it works out, we can go ahead.

Adi: and then we realised that we are neighbors as well! So this is how we started. I had a family business of advertisements, and brands. So I had something to fall back upon! So when we met, means me and Manish, and Ash was already with me- so we realised that this is our ‘the moment’. And we started playing at corporate parties, destination weddings, Grub fests, and we realised that audience is enjoying it, it means they are connecting to us. So, why not give a shot.

F&SBuzz: Have you guys received any professional/vocational training for it?

Manish:  No formal music education.  I am  a self taught guitar player which I learnt when I was school with the help of a book that my brother bought for himself but I ended up learning from it. As for vocals I haven’t got any formal education in that. I love to sing (smiles)!

Aditya: not exactly! I learnt guitar in school but mostly am self taught. Singing just happened by accident in 2000 in college. We couldn’t find a singer and had a show approaching so the other guitar player thought that I could sing “alright” and that’s how my journey as a singer began! Then I just started fronting a lot of bands . I seriously took up singing around 2007. That’s when I learnt the finer nuances of classical singing from Nadeem Khan of the Rampur Sehaswan gharana.

Ashwani: None! But I trained myself to pluck a few formal certificates just to prove my point. Musicians certainly are born and not made!

F&SBuzz: How did ‘Faasle’ came into existence? Why did you choose online route than the regular music album path to music arena?

Manish: This we wanted to do since long, but we didn’t want to go with the album way. because there are many if and buts by the music companies.

Aditya: Yes, I personally have suffered after one reality show due to a contract, so we ourselves thought lets do it our way. So YouTube opened a new path for us. That’s how Fassle happened. we are happy with the reviews, they are all organic, and we want to take it slow but steady.

F&SBuzz: What are your plans and where do you see 5 years down the line?

Aditya: Singing of course! but not like work, we want to enjoy it.

Manish: See, our association is working because what we are doing- we are enjoying! We believe that the moment we start expecting something out of it, our whole passion might dissolve. Our show have been successful, because we play impromptu- and it has been well received everywhere.

F&SBuzz: Your Style Mantra?

Aditya:I’ve always considered my look to be fairly urban classy. While I’m the most comfortable in a jeans-tee-sneakers combo, I love dressing up in suits and jackets. Personally, I feel you can get to know a lot about a people by the way they dress.

Manish:  I love my denims and tees which is what I wear most of the time. For our shows I love to wear smart casuals and the occasional suits at the wedding events. Style mantra – comfortable yet classy!!

Ashwani:Be yourself.

The Unplugged Project Trio: Ash, Adi,Manish