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I believe  ‘fashion is a way of life’. It always reflects human being’s mindset, nature & attitude towards life. Fashion prevails in every class, every culture, every society, at every age; it might differ in expression, but almost everyone is touched by the same since inception of civilizations. To me what matters most is the ‘Andaze Bayan’ or how it is being stated.  I love to observe that how comfortable & stylish one is in an ensemble as it depicts the attitude of the person towards fashion.

It makes me keenly observe that whether the outfit or the ensemble is being worn to show-off, or to enjoy its aesthetics. The unison of both brings elegance, grace to one’s personality and makes a fashion statement. And believe me, the latter is so important that the whole industry is moving on, working hard, researching on fabrics and its presentation to be different from others-making different fashion statements. As  Giorgio Armani Once said, “To create something exceptional, your mindset must be relentlessly focused on the smallest detail.”

 My curiosity towards colours, innovation, & creativity compels to share my views towards fashion and beyond. It gives me an opportunity to blog about fashionistas, their style, & its creators. As Coco Chanel once said and I quote “Fashion fades, style is eternal.”, my idea echoes with the same.

Delhi Fashion Buzz: Being a national capital, Delhi is laboratory of fashion. Its full of variety, common man, celebrities, political personalities, and corporate culture gives new avenues each and everyday. Delhi Fashion Buzz explores and find out the latest and trendiest of it.

Elegance in Style:   This section explores world of fashionistas who carries everything with grace and elegance. They don’t follow fashion for its sake-they make fashion statements of their own.

Bedazzled: Marilyn Monroe once sang “Diamonds are girl’s best friend…..”, its so true- be it any era of civilization, any part of world. Bedazzled covers the latest pieces with timelessness. Be ready to be amazed with craftsmanship.

O Yaar Julahe: Its is about foundation, heritage of fashion. I would always try my best to touch the foundation of fashion, weaver’s life and their challenges, and more importantly their continuous contribution to fashion fraternity.

What’s Up! : Art, Culture to Culinary- all in one palette! Catch the latest buzz in town-Fun, Food, and Frolic!!

Enjoy reading! Do share your views!


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