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Falguni Shane Peacock debut show at India Couture Week an Excellent Fusion of Indian & French Art

Falguni Shane Peacock unveiled ‘Amour De Junagarh’ at their debut show at India Couture Week 2018 . The new collection featured a medley between the queen of the French capital and the grand palace of Junagarh – Rajasthan’s cultural jewel.  As the kaleidoscopic carousel illuminated with light, it casted a shadow on the fluttering peacock across the hall gliding with other wild and exotic beings at the carnival assembled inside the Juna Mahal. In the honour of the Parisian queen who was enamored by the ingenious display of colour and magnanimity. Every detail accumulates into translating a visionary saga of love. From transcribing the innumerable structures of the architectural gem on ensembles to varnishing them with ethereal stones, feathers and crystals, it reflected the true essence of the 13th century wonder.

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