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Amazon India Fashion Week,SS 16-Day 5: Gracias & Adiós

Everything in the universe has a purpose. Indeed, the invisible intelligence that flows through everything in a purposeful fashion is also flowing through you.
                                                                                                                                                                                                   Wayne Dyer

This quote of Wayne Dyer, the self-help author and motivational speaker, seems so apt for the fashion week. Since every act, every move has a purpose, so has Fashion Design Council of India and has come together with a purpose of upliftment of fashion designers and weavers. As I mentioned in the first day coverage, that through the show of Sanjay Garg and Vaishali S. the foundation of betterment of handlooms and its weavers has begun, but till the final day, it created an impact on buyers. Designers exchanged their farewell to each other on a happy note. Most of them have either closed the deals, or in the process of the same.

The Grand Finale was as spectacular as it could be, with a purpose. For the Grand Finale show 16 of India’s most celebrated designers, who paid ode to popular indigenous Benarasi weave. Curated on the theme of ‘Born in Benaras’, all designers presented their interpretations in Benarasi weave; showcasing the weave’s journey from being used only in traditional wear to now finding a place in contemporary fashion.  I will share another post in detail for the same. Here I will give you a glimpse of it. Have a look of my pick of day 5:

Siddhartha Tytler:

7DM28545 7DM28478 7DM28573 7DM28599 7DM28755

Special Installation show of Rahul Mishra ‘Fourth Dimeshion’ presented at Paris Fashion Week. The event was hosted by His Excellency Francois Richier, The Ambassador of France at the embassy. IMG_4398 IMG_4749


Prashant Verma:

7DM28211 7DM28163 7DM28251

Tanieya Khanuja

7DM26221 7DM26185 7DM25983

Dolly J

7DM26570 7DM26475 7DM26447 7DM26679

Grand Finale: Born in Benaras:The designers – Rohit Gandhi & Rahul Khanna, Namrata Joshipura, Ashish N Soni, Rajesh Pratap Singh, Abhishek Gupta, Gauri and Nainika, Alpana and Neeraj, Abraham and Thakore, Anupamaa Dayal, Malini Ramani, ATSU, Arjun Saluja, Manish Arora, JJ Vallaya, Sabyasachi and Tarun Tahilian

7DM20572 7DM20495 7DM20402 7DM29976 7DM20192

Stay tuned for my special blog on grand finale! Thanks for reading!

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