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Anavila & Her Super Creativity in Dabu Prints Make Lakme Fashion Week Opening More Meaningful.

“Sustainable fashion is not a trend but the future.”        Antonia Böhlke

The recently concluded Lakme Fashion Week in partnership with FDCI dedicated day 1 as Sustainable fashion day. Ace designer Anavila Misha made grand opening at The Atelier and presented her wonderful creativity through her saree collection.Anavila’s new collection called “DABU” was devoted to the beauty of the sari and it’s graceful and elegant drape, which has never been bound by zippers, buttons, or belts. Undoubtedly, the focal point of the show was the unstitch beauty of the sari and its fluid creativity.

DABU, which comes from the Hindi word ‘dabana’ or press, is a very labour-intensive technique and involves several stages of printing and dyeing. A deeply sustainable practice, “DABU” honours local resources (mud, gum, lime, and waste wheat chaff), and a complete reliance on the bounty of nature.Bringing to life the drapes and glory of the sari were the DABU and print motifs that were dappled all over the 6-yard wonder.  The natural dyes of ivory, ochre, sage green, indigo, madder, kashish and black with a luxurious presence of gold and silver danced in gay abundance on the yards of glorious fabrics.

Who would have imagined that Dabu can be so creative. Anavila has broken the glass ceiling which will help Dabu art form to reach more ‘non regular saree ‘fashionistas . The colours are from pastel to dark. She further experimented with geometric patterns in different colours which are rare in this art form. The show was presented in a very creative way . Anavila understood the problem at grassroot level , and address the artisans problem in a creative way which could create class market .

Have a look:

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