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FDCI & Amazon Keep Their Promise To Promote Sustainable Fashion by Dedicating Day 1 to Handloom

I believe that where there is pure and active love for the poor there is God also. I see God in every thread that I draw on the spinning wheel.

Mahatma Gandhi

Day 1 of Amazon India Fashion Week, Autumn winter began with discussion and finding solution to the issues related to weavers. The heritage value, the legacy of handloom needs a big push to attain the next level. Eminent speakers, who are tirelessly working to make substantial changes in the lives of weavers. They are also trying to stop brain drain of weavers family, who are abandoning this invaluable art and taking up jobs in industries to support their families.  The eminent panelist were Anita Lal  of Good Earth,  Sally Holkar , Sanjay Garg , Gaurav gupta , Ms. Uzramma who have revived  Malkha Sarees, and moderator  Shefali Vasudeva. The discussion pointed out the Social costs, environmental costs which should be kept in consideration while making fabric. Power loom is cheaper, but at what price?  The government help is not able to match the quantum it needs.

Later in the day, Jharkhand Government did a show a help Tussar and Mulbary silk farmers and weavers of Jharcraft.

Here is the look of the day 1:

The show brought together 13 key designers/labels  – Akaaro, Antar-Agni, Eka, Good Earth, Neeru Kumar, Nicobar, Pero, Rajesh Pratap Singh, Raw Mango, Rohit Bal,SuketDhir, Urvashi Kaur & 11:11 Eleven Eleven:

Bumi Lnagit by Novita Yunus:


Krishna Mehta

Madhu Jain


Abraham & Thakore


Jharcaft show: Shaina N C, Pinnacle by Shruti Sancheti, Rina Dhaka, Badiri by Divya & Ambika:

Vogue show Sari 24/7

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