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“I think saree can never go out of fashion! It’s one of the classiest attire.” – Joy Mitra

Six Yards of Magic….by Joy Mitra

Recently I saw a shoot and a fashion show of Joy Mitra which was on Saree. In today’s India, where dresses, Pallazos are taking over the dressing pattern of Indian women, this move was surprising! But each and every design was so beautiful and immaculate that I couldn’t resist doing a story. Another reason for my motivation for this story is that in recent times, I haven’t seen such beautiful handloom sarees with such fine hand embroidery. Sharing with you all my recent tête-à-tête with Joy Mitra.

F&SBuzz: Your new saree collection is simply gorgeous? How did you shift to only saree collection this time?
Joy Mitra:  I always, always loved saree as an attire. Classy and timeless. And most importantly it’s the soul of India. When I started my career, I worked with handloom artisans and was always fascinated with its beauty.  We have done Sarees before. But this time we are concentrating on textile oriented sarees, sarees made by the master craftsman and printers from across the country.
F&SBuzz:.What all handloom art forms you have used ? How difficult it was for you to choose them or get this done? Every design is a story in itself – share some interesting detail or problem which you faced during its creation.
Joy Mitra: Well, it’s very challenging to get the right colour or design or even the right fabric when it comes to the handloom printed Sarees. Be it Bagh print or Ajrakh or Kalamkari, getting to the source and getting it done within a time frame is like a struggle.  But having said that the weavers or the printers creates magic and we can just mould it a according to our needs and likings.
We are using a lot of Ajrakh, Kalamkari, Bagh,Bagru,and  Jaipur block prints, Discharge print techniques, Tie-dye  and all on handloom fabric.

F&SBuzz: Your muse? Recently MP from Bengal and actress Nusrat Jahan wore your saree for an event- so anyone like her be your muse?
Joy Mitra: My muse, Indian women with a distinct taste of style and proud of her sensibility.  Some one like you, who knows exactly what you like and what will suit you. And also true lover for Indian textile. Nusrat loves Indian culture and she leaves her mark during any of her public appearance.

F&SBuzz: But Saree as an attire is going thru a very big transition phase, the market does not look that conducive right now for it. Women choose silhouettes than Drapes. So how do you see your designs to help pick up the market ?
Joy Mitra: Well, I think saree can never go out of  fashion ! It’s one of the classiest attire. Transitions will always be there. Change is the only constant and we should not be worried. We are selling our collection very well. And in different parts of the country. So we are very hopeful and confident on Indian women.
F&SBuzz:  Who is your target client?
Joy Mitra:  Every one who loves Indian textile, prints and feels proud of our heritage.  I am a very proud Indian and feel blessed when I see the variety of textiles and prints and crafts are available in India.
Age group again does not matter when you work with classic textile and art. What matters is the understanding of the art form and willing to support the craft.  I only pray that these textiles, craft and prints don’t disappear in the near future. We would do our best how ever little it might be to carry it for the future.

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