'O' Yaar Julahe!

Lets Weave Hope Together! Part III

Weave in faith and God will find the thread.     – Kabir Das

Meet Shri Kamaluddin Ansari, The Sant Kabir  awardee & National Award Winner for weaving exclusive ‘Banarasi Karhuwa Saree’. Karhuwa Saree is a traditional and unique pattern of saree woven with geometric pattern.  It is woven in ‘Karhuwa’ technique and small ‘sirkis’ are used to make designs. The geometric pattern gives 3D effect at times which makes this saree and outstanding look in any gathering. Not only this, he weaves Pahuri, Ektara, Tanchoi and many beautiful art forms of weaving.

Shri Kamaluddin Ansari ji

Such talented weaver and owner of 150 looms is going through very difficult time due to lockdown after effect and pandemic. His main buyers are wholesalers & exhibitions. But post lockdown neither wholesalers are asking for any fabric  as they have stock of millions lying without any sale, nor exhibitions can be organized due to pandemic.  He employs more than 300 karigars , and have been paying their salaries till now, but when the sale didn’t pick up even during Rakshabandhan and Eid-Ul-Adha, he feels broken. It is becoming next to impossible to sustain the whole system of his company. Moreover, since there are no more high end marriages due to number of guests limited to 50 only , his regular high profile  clients   are even not coming to buy, rather they are managing the events with whatever they have.

Kamaluddin Bhai wishes that government should address the plight of weavers and release funds and encourage markets to grow. This standstill situation is making situation gloomy day by day. The daily wage workers are looking for work somewhere else like MNREGA or under contractors to sustain themselves, though they are getting paid basic minimum, but they are hurting themselves, and their hands which used to create art pieces through weaving,  are hurt and struggling by doing heavy work like road construction etc.

On this National Handloom Day , We request Smriti Irani ji, The Ministry of Textiles to kindly look into the matter. Its our ancient art.  Benarasi fabric is being used since ages to make Pooja dresses for gods, any wedding it incomplete without benarasi saree.  But March onwards the condition is worsened and need immediate attention to solve this problem.

Lets weave hope together, by helping each other, by spreading brotherhood, love & compassion everywhere.

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