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Parizaad by Rahul Mishra – The Poetic Confluence of Yarn, Colours, & Textiles!

“In your light I learn how to love.
In your beauty how to make poems.
You dance inside my chest where no one sees you,
but sometimes I do, and that sight becomes this art.”

Parizaad  is a Persian word which means ‘born of the divine’. During recently concluded India Couture Week, when Rahul Mishra showcased his latest couture Parizaad- the feel of the show was really divine. It had purity so unique, and pristine that fashionistas have begun to relook at couture with Rahul Mishra’s vision. This is Rahul’s third couture show in a row, and every year Rahul comes up with something new, something so different and unseen (keeping the signature style intact), that the audience look forward for every single creation coming on the ramp.
I find Parizaad a  poetic confluence of yarn, colours, handloom textile, ornamentally hand worked motifs that draws from the vast reservoir of ancient science and architecture, lends newer dimensions to craft. The soul of the brand, Rahul Mishra, embodies deeper meaning to ancient skills, science and its relevance in creating immaculate fashion. The presentation brings forth new forms of visual expression, where abstraction and complex geometry create kaleidoscopic multiplicity and infinite patterns. Intricate motifs, patterns of mosaic, chevrons and spandrels from the rich decorative vocabularies of an earlier era come alive to make the meticulous surface treatment appear surreal. Rahul shared with us that some of these intricate work has come into existence with 5000 human hours of work, which is an investment to make a masterpiece. Parizaad couture brings  to you an eclectic mix of beautifully hand crafted lehnga’s, kalidar’s & silhouettes inspired from traditional Indian ensembles.

“Shades of Persian, Roman, Byzantine architecture from centuries ago made its inroads into my thought process when I thought of this line. Studying the highly intricate use of geometric patterns, girikh, or haft rangi etcto create uninterrupted patterns of tiles of flowers, and a mosaic of nature emphasizing great design aesthetics from a time when human skills were divine and to create a modern language with Indian textiles and embroidery with a Zen like thinking and philosophy has led me to this new narrative” defines Rahul Mishra. Have a look:

Featured in GQ’s Power list of “50 Most Influential Indians”, a master storyteller Rahul Mishra weaves stories of people, places, process & craft; every season to bring forth newer interpretations and design interventions to craft, techniques and serving larger purpose of engaging, employing and empowering the artisans.
This collection is available at his flagship store at Qutab Boulevard, 6/4 Kalka Das Marg, Mehrauli, New Delhi.

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