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Ruhaaniyat – A Celebration Called Life by Manish Malhotra at ICW2020

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The recently concluded India Couture Week  by FDCI summed up with the Grand Finale by none other than Manish Malhotra. The Bollywood blue eyed boy surprised us by leaps and bounds by his out of the world couture named Ruhaaniyat – A celebration called life. I used term surprised because till now I have liked his couture as trendy, stylish, and in tandem with Bollywood. But Ruhaaniyat touched my soul – and I loved his collection, the idea behind it, and its presentation were beyond words.

Ruhaaniyat is a timeless collection  and one of the most divinely creative couture show by Manish Malhotra . Such soulful music , such amazingly beautiful & elegant designs , and direction of the digital show. Manish shares his inspiration as ” This collection is a tribute to our diverse heritage and soulful artistry of the Indian craftsmen.The Nazakat of Awadh and the vibrance of Punjab, a story of over thousands of years of the people, their life and emotions.The two regions are culturally rich where the traditional art and craft flourished seamlessly.An immersive walk through the cultural corridors of heritage and the doorways of their life.”

The collection breaks-away from the aesthetics of fast-fashion couture and aims to revive the slow and purist workmanship of our indigenous craftsmen and artisans. It seeks to recall our age-old craft and techniques while keeping the first line of inspiration from the most enduring facets of Mughal living. Its art and architecture – vintage gardens, palaces, paintings, jewellery, museums, and costumes that are immortalized in the grand and diverse culture of India.Have a look: This link will lead you to the show:

Janhvi Kapoor as show stopper for Manish Malhotra’s Ruhaaniyat

Collection Note from the designer & The Fashion Design Council of India

There are countless emotions embedded in our historical narratives, but the aesthetic universe of the Mughal era stands out distinctive. The visual imagery of clothes, make-up, and jewellery serves as one of the most refined craft treasures in India. The Fall Bridal ’20 collection, makes a dedicated effort to capture this visual spectacularity in its true grandeur and opulence.

The range is charmed by the majesty of old-world regalia and takes the liberty to re-interpret the look in a more suitable palette for modern tastes. Revisiting the material milieu of the Mughal era, the collection comprises of kalidar kurtas, khada dupattas, ghararas, izar salwars for women and jama, angrakha and heavy shawls for men in pure and cotton silks, mashru, velvets, and muslins.

At the mere glance, it invokes the period magnum opus styling and appeal. The collection constitutes a big identity of Mughal cultural nuance with its rare, never-seen, and never-used before archival fabrics that brings forth the real fraction of the Mughal repertoire. These vintage textiles are over a century old and discern one with its unparalleled finesse. It comprises accent borders that are zari-woven in original gold and silver. The fabrics are hand-basted and hand-quilted for the aesthetic continuity, and palettes are strictly maintained to match the hues of natural dying like teal, pistachio green, dusky pink, grey, and maroon. The voluminous silhouettes, deft embroidery, fine layering all emerge together to form a harmonious Mughal sense of style.

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