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Surprise Everyone With Your New Cool Wardrobe This Season

“There is an innocence in admiration; it is found in those to whom it has never yet occurred that they, too, might be admired some day.”

Friedrich Nietzsche

When I received a surprise gift from www.amazon.in, I was curious that what could it be. When I opened, it was a beautiful Column Dress in my favourite monochrome color pallete, with minimal emblishment adding gorgeousness to it. This dress gave  me idea to surprise www.amazon.in by a photoshoot. I said surprise because it would be different in many ways.

I believe that ‘Fashion is a way of life’, so we should use do a shoot around nature. Now comes the most important part, i.e. model ! After loads on introspection, I realised that what is the motto of any brand: to reach the end consumer. So why should I use a professional model(apologies to my model friends) , why not a girl from my friend circle, and check how does it make her look and feel.

After loads of dilemma, I approached a very dear friend of mine whose daughter has just turned 13, who is in grade 7, and has vital stats and innocent looks to fit in this dress. Nandini Gandhi, the cute daughter of my friend, agreed after lot of pursuasion. When we tried the dress upon her, it felt as if, this dress was meant for her only. She said that she is feeling like a Cindrella in this beautiful dress.

We chose Lodhi Garden,New Delhi as our location. I have ensured minimal make-up, only lip gloss and liner, and the result is outstanding. Have a look:


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