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tête-à-tête with Charu Parashar at Bharat Tex 2024

“I have been  working tirelessly with weavers and clusters of artisans not only to provide work but to ensure that this art is preserved for future generations.” – Charu Parashar


The Fashion Design Council of India (FDCI)  and Ministry of Textiles organised  BHARAT TEX– a global textile mega event at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi. This unique platform showcased India’s entire textile value chain and also highlighted strengths in fashion, traditional crafts and sustainability initiatives.The much-anticipated FDCI presentation, titled ‘FASHION LUXE, A Story Of Elegance,’ was held at the Amphitheatre in Bharat Mandapam.

This spectacular show was a tapestry of Indian tradition and technology, drawing luminaries from the fashion world to witness this celebration of elegance. A celebration of India’s couturiers, the show was held at the world-class convention centre at  G20 fame Bharat Mandapam, Pragati Maidan. Fashion & Style Buzz team talked to ace designer Charu Parashar about her collection and her views about event like Bharat Tex. Events like these are need of the hour to help our weavers and artisans to match the pace of global competition.

Here are some excerpts of our  tête-à-tête with Ms.Charu Parashar:

F&S Buzz: Lovely collection Charu!  Could you explain your inspiration for the collection? Have you given it any name ?

Charu Parashar: This exquisite Resort Wear line is a celebration of wanderlust. seamlessly blending elegance with comfort to create a unique and versatile wardrobe for the modern Travelista … I draw inspiration from the spirit of exploration and adventure that defines the wanderlust lifestyle. It captures the essence of nomadic elegance along with versatility & Functionality incorporating influences from diverse cultures, landscapes, and vibrant traditions. I call this collection as ‘WanderLuxe’. . .

F&S Buzz: And what kind of fabrics have you used ? And please elaborate on detailing you have used ?

Charu Parashar:Lets talk about Color Palette first: We have used harmonious blend of earthy tones, serene blues, pink, Lavender, greens, Aqua, turqs, reds and vibrant pops of color that are soothing to the eye. Silhouettes are varied from kaftans, dresses, jackets, drapes, skirts along with cord sets such as lehngas with blouse not to forget the sequenced dress for the night birds…

True to my  Signature Style, we have used bold floral prints, exotic fauna motifs, and patterns to evoke the lush landscapes of resort destinations, creating a visual feast that mirrors the natural beauty of the surroundin.  Each piece is hand embroidered by master craftsmanship keeping true to the essence of the brand which has worked tirelessly over the years to keep Indian artisans and craftsmanship alive.

Accessories: The collection also aptly accessorised by bandannas, Scarves , Potli bags and belts. From statement hats to versatile scarves, these accessories enhance the overall aesthetic of the Wanderluxe Resort Wear experience.You would truly feel like a Boho Princesses by adorning them .

Have a look:


F&S Buzz: Make is India was the main motto for Bharat Tex ; how has your collection helped artisans to promote the same ?

Charu Parashar: Well , since my collections are handmade with khadi  fabric and using ancient embroidery techniques with master craftsman ensures that every ensemble is 100% made in India and it might surprise you that in India khadi fabric production is 80% by woman workforce… So this fabric of freedom and harmony is not only our identity but Nations Pride too . . . I have been tirelessly working with weavers and clusters of artisans not only to provide work but to ensure that this art is preserved for future generations .

F&S Buzz: Do you think an event like this can help the end artisan or weaver ? If yes , then how ?

Charu Parashar: Yes, there is a lot we can do. though P.M. Modi has been taking various initiatives such as creating textile hubs , artisan’s clusters , msme [now artisans can directly sell from B2C ] e.t.c which will definitely go a long way to strengthen the supply chain and ethical way of doing business and ensure fair trade practice so that artisans and designer form a strong cohesive force to put India on the global fashion map. Events like Bharat Tex 2024 with the stupendous success it got will not only create a platform to encourage the young India to lead the fashion revolution in the next decade.



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