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“The Road Less Travelled” by Anju Modi at India Couture Week

“Travel far enough, you’ll meet yourself” – David Mitchell

Anju Modi couture was a visual and emotional treat for handloom lovers. It was not only beautiful, but aesthetically highly enriching. The presentation was artistic and different from regular norm. Named as The Road Less Travelled, the collection embodies the salient features in fabric, embroidery and presentation.

Anju Modi presented her couture collection in an Art Gallery format, wherein we move to see one painting to another. Similarly, Ms.Modi categorized it in 4 sections to give  her memoirs life through couture, for which huge screens were put with stones, tree trunks as decoration which gave a feel of forests, hill areas. Anju Modi showed, Kashmir, Leh Laddakh and its respective fabrics, embroidery and crafts through her collection.  Anju Modi finds her inspiration through nuanced elements of architecture, poetry, mythology and literature. Each ensemble is a celebration of India’s cultural history and a tribute to modern feminism.

In her close to 30 years of career,Anju Modi has worked tirelessly for the  revival of traditional crafts and textiles. Long forgotten age- old techniques have been revived, where the designer has created an extensive library of research and development techniques for weaving, vegetable dyeing, block printing and traditional embroidery.  Anju Modi used fabric like Pashmina, silk from Kerala, and south. She used Mokesh, Zardozi for bright detailing.

Have a look:

The event was organised by Fashion Design Council of India aka FDCI, in association with Lotus Makeup. The Jewellery was sponsored by Shri Paramani Jewels .

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