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WIFW,SS-2014:Day 5- Sayonara-Promise to See You Soon!

 Everybody becomes exhausted after 5 days of continuous work, watching shows, meeting buyers etc.But deep down the heart, I know, everybody bid adieu to the season with a hope to welcome WIFW again-very soon. The season ended with a happy note for everybody, so its time for celebration.

Here is my Pick of the day 5:

Joy Mitra: A Tribute to late Eminent director Rituparno Ghosh,given with high quotient of Bengali cultural grace.

Dolly J:Inspired by the French queen “Marie Antoinette”, her lavish lifestyle, love for dressing up in such a juvenile yet regal way, to make a collection using impeccable Indian craftsmanship and textiles. The colours go from cream to coral to black.

Virtues by Ashish, Viral, and Vikrant:

Ashish N Soni-The Grand Finale Designer:

A magnificent set reminiscent of a Hollywood red carpet event was the setting for Ashish Soni’s finale collection `La Dolce Vita’ characterised by extreme simplicity, flawless lines, immaculate cuts and perfect finishes.

A multi level stage set the Opera theatre inspired mood for the evening. The spectacular live music presentation by the remarkable western classical and jazz bands added to the flavor of nostalgia and wistfulness of the 60s. Striking designs combined with impeccable garment construction was the truly the highlight of the evening! To add more glitters to the show, Anil Kapoor the evergreen star walked the ramp for Ashish N Soni as show stopper.




(Originally published on 17/10/13)

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