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The Tree Of Life by RAHUL MISHRA at India Couture Week

“Basking in the golden sun, ’The Tree of Life’ is a manifestation of nature’s abundance. At the break of dawn, when the sun shines from the horizon, how every leaf transmutes to gold for a moment. It is that moment and the more vivid ones after that we articulate in this collection. Fields of poppies and a diverse wilderness taking over ancient architecture is rendered intricately in hand embroidered surfaces. ‘The Tree of Life’ renders our gratitude for nature’s wisdom.” – RAHUL MISHRA

After a hiatus that lasted almost 3 years, India Couture Week became “offline” again. The fashion enthusiasts were gushing with happiness to watch the creativity of their favourite designers on ramp, live on models, and even see their favourite designer to take a bow after a successful show. Although during Covid pandemic, Fashion Design Council of India and designers tried their best to show the most profound and magnificent of their immaculate collections through online mediums, the personal touch, visual delight, and marvellous colours through an online medium simply can’t match the zeal & enthusiasm of a verbal show.

Day 2 of ICW was dedicated to Ace Designer Rahul Mishra. Rahul showed his collection called ‘The Tree Of Life’ at The Embassy Of France. This collection was in continuation of his successful show at Paris Fashion Week. ‘The Tree of Life’ was a manifestation of artistic memory, showcased in parts across Haute Couture Week in Paris and at FDCI India Couture Week in New Delhi. It emerged from Rahul Mishra’s deep emotion and nostalgia. While addressing the media, Rahul Mishra said “Growing up in India, we witness numerous instances of people worshipping trees. This inherent part of our culture manifests in different ways during the harvest festivals spread in regions across our subcontinent. My grandmother would tie a hand spun cotton thread around a banyan tree, not far from our house. The memory of this routine; of the ladies of the house worshipping the tree to bless their beloved families, are precious ones. ”

The show began with gold embellished silhouettes with two- and three-dimensional embroideries depicting leaves, branches to articulate the first flush of nature emerging on the surface of a body, and life that grows from it. Exaggerated sleeves, shoulders with gold leaves made the couture “avant garde”. Apart from silhouettes, RAHUL MISHRA & Divya Bhatt Mishra added elements from the culture of Indian ethnic groups to give it a nostalgic touch. Keeping his signature style, Rahul gave freshness by adding intricately embellished, surfaced, articulated scenes from dense forests with ancient architectural remains and vegetation in modern day silhouettes.

The show moved to second section RAHUL MISHRA showed his old signature style with big flowers embroidered on pastel colours. The section showcased Lehngas, Suits, Sarees, & evening gowns to cater to Indian Fashionistas, and bridal wear.

Have a look:

To me, every design seemed like a beautiful poem, narrated on surfaces through embroidery and embellishment. True to the values of ‘Couture’ and traditional Indian techniques, the fabrics that are handwoven at villages in India, embroidered by their hands for over 10,000 human hours, and sewn to perfection for clothing that is featherweight, despite the intricate surfaces. A contemporary application using a multitude of traditional surface embellishment techniques from the Indian subcontinent, the collection aims to near art, just as it does fashion. Rahul’s creativity not only helps artisans to showcase their art, it helps in grass root empowerment and provide encouragement to the artisans that make the clothes. Their commitment to give their best of work is evident by the global success of the brand created by Rahul Mishra.


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